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Find Your STRIDE in Financial Services

Early 2022

Join our next info session if....

  • You've ever thought about working at a bank...
  • Curious about opportunities in financial services...
  • Tired of applying for jobs & not getting an interview...
  • Not sure where to get started...


Work together, grow together!

Wells Fargo + Advocations

For over 12 years, Advocations has helped Wells Fargo find, employ, and promote great talent. Sustained effort and strong internal champions have made our vision a reality.

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You've got a lot of skills.

What's a good job fit at Wells Fargo?

Let's face it... most job descriptions don't really describe what you'd be doing day-to-day. That's where we can help. We review your experience and match you with people (not positions) that will be your guide.

*hint it's best with sound up

No Experience. No Problem.

We Can Help You Find Your STRIDE

The STRIDE is a unique on-the-job training program that gives you the opportunity to explore your interests, assess your strengths and start your career at Wells Fargo.

*hint it's best with sound up

Worried about

"messing up" your benefits?

In partnership with the Social Security Administration, we can help you earn more money and keep your medical benefits. What do you have to lose? Nothing.

Not sure where to start?

Or what to say or do?

If you have a disability or medical condition, Advocations is here to confidentially increase your odds of getting a job that you will enjoy.

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